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SBP360 specializes in the automation of the often painful collection, monitoring and sharing of sustainable business practices.
Social Sustainability: Become an Employer of Choice

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Sustainable Business Practices Reporting Software

  • Environmental practices
  • Social Sustainability: Become an Employer of Choice
  • Employee performance and talent retention programs
  • Economic / Governance practices
  • 1 aggregate – dedicated dashboard

Business Performance Results

  • Summary Reports
  • Action Plans
  • Benchmarking
  • Audit

Performance Management

  • Align and track sustainability results
  • Communicate expectations
  • Set and track performance targets
  • Capture and recognize ‘best practices’
  • Reward/Award high performance employees/suppliers
  • Full service CRM – including Leader Board and Rule/Role setup
  • Conversion Tables, per location

Our solutions approach social, environmental, and economic (People, Planet, Profit/TBL) business sustainability practices as interdependent initiatives, and give you review, analysis and reporting tools that integrate all responses and data. We help traditional and leading edge organizations that recognize the importance of Triple Bottom Line accountability and transparency—measuring social, environmental, and financial performance metrics.

SBP360 is different in that we work to align your sustainability practices with both internal operations and external supply chains and/or business units – using an integrated online system – this results in real-time monitoring, and if appropriate – marketability of your business ecosystem. This strategy builds true integration and continuous improvement of your sustainability initiative.

SBP360 is a Software-as-a-Service ( SaaS ), allowing you to easily manage, assess, benchmark, monitor, measure and report sustainable, enterprise-wide, real time business practices. Our tool-set can also help you prepare for reporting that can comply with Global Standards & Reporting Guidelines.

Our scalable sustainability software platform provides highly efficient alternatives to traditional consulting approaches that are often either limited in scope or too costly for many organizations to implement and administer.

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Over recent years ‘sustainability’ has gone from a buzz word to a driver for change in almost any industry. Companies have realized great value in the triple bottom line-people, profit, planet-and have taken a serious look at how they can be a part of the Sustainable Business Movement. The initiative to take action within internal [...]

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SBP360 Overview

February 18th, 2013

Many leading edge companies and non-profits have set out to prove that it is, in fact, possible to develop and pursue strategies that balance financial returns with the creation of positive social and environmental value (Triple Bottom Line).  SBP360 works to assist these organizations in the collection and reporting of essential and meaningful information. What [...]

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