About Us

SBP360 is a professional services firm established in 2005, specializing in technology solutions for leading edge companies and organizations whose core business strategies are guided by the principles of corporate social responsibility. Our solutions help companies quickly and easily assess their triple bottom line—a measure of profitability that includes economic performance as well as environmental, social, cultural, and diversity sustainability.

SBP360 has developed innovative Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) IT solutions that allow companies and organizations to assess, benchmark, monitor, manage, and generate key performance indicator reports for corporate environmental, social, and economic sustainable business practices—all in real-time and to globally accepted reporting standards (GRI/G3). SBP360 is a scalable web-based platform that can be deployed enterprise-wide in globally distributed corporations as quickly and easily as it is in single-site organizations and requires no capital expenditures in equipment, other technology, or additional staffing.

As the demand for transparency in sustainable business practices becomes a rapidly growing global mandate by corporate shareholders and stakeholders, this technology provides an easily deployable “how-to” solution to this new challenge and a comprehensive, cost efficient alternative to costly, large-scale consultancy solutions. It can be deployed within any end user organization, industry sectors (associations) or business community (chamber of commerce and municipalities).

With industry leaders in sustainable business practices and our strategic alliances, we are at the forefront identifying new business and
technology trends and developing innovative sustainability solutions. Companies and organizations of all sizes can benefit from our rich workflow and meaningful content experience resulting in efficient, easy solutions for delivering the triple bottom line transparency and accountability their internal and external stakeholders require.