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Corporate Culture Assessment Score

What is a Cultural Performance Score (CPS)?

A CPS helps to provide management with a targeted summary of your corporate culture in a simplified format, yet detailed analysis. A key element in becoming an employer of choice a positive, productive and open corporate culture is an essential component of the EOC program. With its built-in templates and proven best–practices you’ll engage employees and management with a proven system for mining sensitive areas of your organization. It’s the platform you need to help make your business and everyone in it more performance-driven.

CPS: Proven cultural analytics in 1 dynamic system

  • Engage performance and accountability in a healthy and meaningful way
  • Robust action reporting & role-hierarchy
  • Text and score analytics, move beyond words, get to meaning
  • Flexible configuration to create best results
  • Alerts and action planning to rescue demotivators

CPS: Reduce Turnover and Attract Top Talent

Of the many available cultural development tools in the marketplace today – none seem more meaningful than those that engage an appraisal of team members, directly. This raw data and analytical interpretation of team members working for those in leadership positions provide Human Resource professionals and managers information necessary to reduce turnover in the workplace - bridging a proactive culture before explosive losses can occur.

CPS measures 7 targeted areas that impact a positive cultural experience: Culture/Value/Beliefs, Direction/Leadership, Programs/Policies/Incentives, Rewards and Feedback, Security and Future, Attention/Focus, Resources. Each category receives a score from each category that is based on a 1/5 scale. Cultures are carefully scored based on 40-years of experience in measuring and improving corporate culture. Additionally, a CPS provides a place for open comments from employees and management that can expose problem areas that may be overlooked in the assessment score. Comments are characterized by Culture/Value/Beliefs, Direction/Leadership, Programs/Policies/Incentives, Rewards and Feedback, Security and Future, Attention/Focus, Resources.

The results of the Cultural Performance Score are collected, tracked and reported in real-time using SBP360′s PEOPLE engine of the triple bottom line sustainable business practices software. The deployment of a CPS is effortless and requires little training. Once launched, organizations can watch the results report from all locations on SBP360′s web enabled dashboard. Comparisons for year-over-year are available to help managers and supervisors trend toward continuous improvement.

Over time, cultural improvements lead to continuous improvements – CPSs provide companies the necessary outlet and scoring mechanism that channels clear expectations for managers and supervisors which then drives performance and team collaboration which ultimately reduces turnover and improves effectiveness.

Demo today! Our assessment demo aims to illustrate real-time collection and reporting ~ or call for a more personalized tour.

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"Your culture should be a source of passion, pride and inspiration for your employees, investors and customers. It should encourage moral imagination and creative decision-making. It should help build commitment and loyalty and be a positive stimulus for the growth and development of individuals, not just a means to keep them in check."

—Ed Petry, PhD