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Building a culture that attracts and maintains loyal employees and customers is the "baseline" of becoming an Employer of Choice.

Cascade Consulting Group makes it easy to get started!

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Cascade Consulting Group leverages Cascade Engineering's 40 years of leading edge experience to deploy proven strategies in helping companies to become an employer of choice. The result is an empowering experience and a organizational shift shared by the enterprise.

Why Cascade Consulting Group?
With so much confusion in the marketplace today, Human Resource Managers strive for effective strategies, a straight-forward approach and a return on their investment. Cascade Consulting Group focuses on the the cost of losing top talent. This is costing companies hard and soft expenses in lost expertise, training, momentum and morale. This is a real problem in the market-place today.

Our Approach

We begin with a real-time baseline in key areas including culture, diversity & inclusion, leadership effectiveness, environmental strategies and sustainability - our approach offers an immediate temperature of the drive behind your culture. We then highlight areas of concern and improvement areas with immediate feedback for how to penetrate GAPs in your EOC Action Plan.

And because we strive for continuous improvement, thus we leverage real-time monitoring, and if appropriate - marketability of your business ecosystem. This strategy builds true integration and continuous improvement of your Employer of Choice initiative.

Demo today! Our assessment demo aims to illustrate real-time collection and reporting.