Education Sustainable Business Practices and Transparent Reporting

Education is at the leading edge of environmental, social, and economic sustainability with colleges, universities, and school systems integrating sustainable business practices into teaching and research and putting sustainability initiatives them to practice in their own business models. Establishing carbon neutral policies and practices, creating more sustainable campuses, promoting workplace and student diversity, knowledge sharing and community outreach are among the initiatives educators are pursuing to improve and our environmental, social, and economic well being now and for future generations. Managing their governance, compliance, and transparent reporting practices is how SBP360 is helping colleges, universities, and school system reach sustainability goals.

SBP360 Sustainability Management, Benchmarking and Transparent Reporting Software provides universities, colleges, and education systems with innovative, web-based Software-as-a-Service ( SaaS ) integration solutions. Manage, assess, benchmark, monitor, measure and generate real-time transparent triple bottom line reporting of environmental, social, diversity, and economic sustainable business practices. It’s a cost-efficient, scalable platform that can be deployed system-wide with no capital expenditures in equipment, other technology, or additional staffing.

Our solutions also include BizApps, custom applications to streamline, improve, and better manage business practices, processes, and profitability that you can download and deploy right now.

As increased stakeholder awareness demands transparent reporting of sustainable practices, there’s an easy, cost-efficient solution. Learn more about our performance measurement and reporting tools for sustainable business practices.

Integrate SBP360 Sustainability Management, Benchmarking and Transparent Reporting Software to manage and report your triple bottom line sustainability practices and performance in areas such as: