How We Help Human Resources Reach Sustainability Goals

At SBP360, our Sustainability Management and Transparent Reporting Software solutions provide human resource professionals with tools to easily manage, assess, benchmark, measure, monitor and report triple bottom line environmental, social, and economic practices and performance. That includes a social sustainability and workplace diversity assessment modules for human resources to measure and report various HR practices that contribute to your organizations corporate social responsibility objectives. You can effectively measure and manage your human resource sustainable practices and compliance enterprise-wide including global supply chain partners in real-time, aligned with global reporting standards, with transparent reporting. With SBP360 Sustainability Management, Benchmarking and Transparent Reporting Software, HR Professionals are able to:

  • Identify opportunities to improve social sustainability and workplace diversity practices that contribution to your organizations triple bottom line.
  • Have real-time performance measurement, monitoring, and benchmarking information to make informed decisions regarding social sustainability and workplace diversity as well as environmental and economic reporting to keep you on the path of continuous improvement.
  • Have the reporting intelligence you need to respond to social and workplace diversity business trends and changing market conditions.
  • Generate reports aligned with global reporting standards validating performance results in the environmental, social, and economic practice measurement segments including human rights, child and compulsory labor, indigenous rights, labor/management relations, collective bargaining, occupational safety, training and education, and diversity and equal opportunity.
  • Meet shareholder and stakeholder accountability expectations with transparent reporting.
  • Ensure sustainable business practices compliance enterprise-wide including your global supply chain.
  • Have a highly cost-efficient alternative to traditional consulting solutions you can implement right now.

To learn more about our Sustainability Management, Benchmarking and Transparent Reporting Software, visit the Performance Tools page on our website, then try a Demo and see how easy it is to use this Software-as-a-Service technology.