Membership Organizations Sustainability Programs and Transparent Reporting

Membership-based organizations such as trade associations, professional societies, chambers of commerce and other business, industry, and civic organizations, can transform sustainability into marketability by benchmarking members seeking sustainable business practices management and transparent reporting solutions. SBP360 Sustainability Management, Benchmarking and Transparent Reporting Software provides effective, cost-efficient, timely solutions to emerging marketplace challenges that membership organizations can offer their members today. SBP360′s Software-as-a-Service ( SaaS ) integration solution delivers to businesses and organizations a powerful method to manage, assess, benchmark, monitor, measure and generate real-time transparent triple bottom line reporting of environmental, social, diversity, and economic sustainable business practices.

The process begins with the member association request to:

“Help Us Benchmark Our Association”

Members are then invited to an immediate online assessment measuring various levels of Triple Bottom Line strengths and weaknesses. The benchmark is then posted in real-time to the associations website and/or private network. Member organizations can leverage this information in any number of ways – including non-dues revenue generation.

But that is not all – our Action Plan then targets low performance areas and syncs useful 3rd party professional services to assist the member with improvement strategies. This aids in marketing 3rd party partners.

Consider this: Member associations generally have a list of partners they market to their members. Speaking generally – these partners are included in a monthly email blast, lunch-n-learns, etc. Benchmark strategies by SBP360 can work to query these partners in a meaningful way – by targeting weaknesses and probing partner solutions in real-time.

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SBP360: Start Building Your Member Benchmark, Today!