License Pricing

You decide if an annual licensing plan or a 1-time option best suits your organization—based on the number of locations, your measurement, monitoring, benchmarking, and reporting requirements and customization needs, pricing is designed to fit a variety of engagements. With Performance, PerformancePlus and Enterprise licensing, you also gain access to add Supply Chain Pricing Options to monitor and track performance of supply chain partners. Flex Options (On-time setup) may be required.

Flex Options FlexFirst‡  $2,195 Emerging $Call Enterprise  $Call
Assessment Series
Social (People)
Environmental (Planet)
Economic (Profit)
Meaningful (Custom)
Metrics Series
Social (People)
Environmental (Planet)
Economic (Profit)
Meaningful (Custom)
Reporting Series
Web Services Gateway – Pull or push data by HTTP
XML Gateway – Pull and publish data by HTTP/XML
Remote Online Databases – Read and write data by JDBC and TCP
Remote Offline Databases – FTP download and read data by JDBC/Java parser
Remote TCP Gateway – Read and write data by TCP
Demographic Series
Custom Notifications
Reduced Field Limitation
Meaningful (Custom)
License Options Performance‡ $2,795/yr Performance+ $7,995/yr Enterprise Call/yr
Campaign Manager
Build Campaigns
Leader Board
Build Roles/Rules
Goal Setting
Summary Report
Audit Self Assessment
Management Dashboard
Aggregate Databasing for all locations
Supply Chain
Export Options
Transparent Reporting
Build Report (GHG)
Action Plan
KPI/CSR Export
Aggregate Reporting of Assessment & Metric Results for All Performance Licensed Locations
Benchmarking Assessment & Metric Results Across All Performance Licensed Locations
Annual Report: Transparent Triple Bottom Line quoted quoted
*does not provide data aggregation or benchmarking‡Required for Each 5 locations
Supply Chain Options Trac200 $Call/yr TracPRO $Call/yr
SupplyTRAC Annual License
Performance Feature Set*
Performance+ Feature Set*
*Includes Spend Analytics