Licensing Comparisons/Details

Performance License Features & Comparison Std. Plus
Alignment with Global Reporting Index (GRI/G3) reporting for environmental sustainability practices
Alignment with Global Reporting Index (GRI/G3) reporting for Social, Cultural and Diversity Sustainability Practices
Alignment with Global Reporting Index (GRI/G3) reporting for Economic Sustainability Practices
Access to Standard summary reports, action plans and performance certificates
Distribute Standard Assessment Campaigns & View Results via Real-time Management Dashboard
Performance Score and Certified Status Certificate (based on 1,000 point scale)
Action Plan Recommendations based upon Input and Scores
Distribution of Standard assessments to internal departments/locations and/or employee list(s)  
Export Results via Email, PDF, Print, CSV Dump (Excel)
Add Favorite Links to Dashboard for Quick Access to Key Information
Benchmark performance results across all locations (Performance License Required for Each)  
Access and deploy custom action plans (No cost for self supplied, custom design additional)  
Access to Standard Key Performance indicator (KPI) reports  

Enterprise License Features & Comparison Std. Open
Unique (branded) storefront
Key Performance Indicator (KPI) Report Template Branded Custom
Action Plan Template Branded Custom
Custom Assessment, Business Locations* •†
Branded SupplyTrac Assessment Series  
SupplyTrac, KPI Report, CSR Report  
Access to Matrix Reporting Engine
Training on System Customization Toolset  
Call Center Support: M-F: (8-6 est) assigned PM support