Access Membership Organization Partners

Access channel partner opportunities from SBP360 offer trade associations, professional societies, chambers of commerce and other business, industry, and civic organizations access to our innovative sustainable business practices management and reporting software. As a value-added reseller, you have a tremendous opportunity to offer valuable membership benefits while generating a new revenue stream and enhancing your organization’s brand. Provide effective, cost-efficient, timely solutions to emerging marketplace challenges your members need now.

There is a rapidly growing global mandate from shareholders and stakeholder for corporate social responsibility with transparency, compliance, and accountability for sustainable business practices and performance. No doubt, many of your members are already feeling the marketplace pressure and urgency of the environmental, social, diversity, and economic sustainability agenda—but are unsure of how and where to start. That’s where you come in.

As an Access membership channel partner, you can offer your members a cost-efficient sustainable business practices assessment and reporting solution to assess, benchmark, monitor, manage, and generate key performance indicator reports for corporate environmental, social, and economic sustainable business practices—all in real-time. Our assessment can help your members prepare for reporting that will measure up with global standards and reporting guidelines. You can also offer your members BizApp custom business applications with solutions to business and industry specific needs.

It’s a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) scalable web-based platform that can be deployed enterprise-wide in globally distributed corporations as quickly and easily as it is in single-site organizations and requires no capital expenditures in equipment, other technology, or additional staffing. Your members easily download the annual subscription-based software from your co-branded website.

Contact SBP360. Learn how you can add value to your memberships and create a new profit center with Access membership channel partner opportunities, co-branding features, and market exclusivity options.

  • Individual Members Features & Benefits

    • Access to online tools for development, learning and continuous improvement
    • Enable performance measurement across all businesses and supply chains
    • Guide triple bottom line gains
    • Provide accelerated results
  • Membership Organizations Features & Benefits: Chambers of Commerce, Trade Associations, Professional Societies

    • Streamlined access to structured online tools and resources
    • Measurement and monitoring of performance across entire membership
    • Performance guidelines
    • Member performance recognition
    • Alignment with industry or regional goals
    • Develop industry and community best practices