BizApps: Meaningful Business Practice Applications

You can enhance your Sustainable Business Management and Reporting applications with BizApps (or ‘meaningful metrics’) single-solution business applications developed to address specific and specialized business practice needs. The collection of data can often be cumbersome and time-consuming.  Often collection entails a colorful excel worksheet that has been passed around with multiple revisions and edits.

SBP360 can help.  We automate the collection and reporting process for meaningful (your) metrics.  SBP360 is a meaningful metric and/or assessment – that you can automate to facilitate better, more automated CSR reporting.  If others can benefit from your content, we refer to this as a BizApp.  This reduces your cost, while promoting shared and meaningful data to others of similar industry and/or need.

Business management BizApps include solutions that help companies of all sizes from single-site locations to globally distributed enterprises streamline, improve, and better manage their business processes and practices.

As we work to develop a meaningful BizApp library, new industry specific and process specific applications – learn more about BizApps that you can add to your SBP360 Sustainable Management and Reporting software right now.   Our aim is to provide meaningful sustainability reporting solutions for your specific needs.