Workplace Diversity Sustainability Assessment Module

The Workplace Diversity and Cultural Practices Sustainability Assessment provides an analysis of your corporate or organizational diversity and cultural practices that contribute to overall business sustainability. The diversity and cultural assessment tool is part of the social practices module in SBP360s’ sustainability assessment series that measures corporate social practices and serves as a continuous improvement guide to diversity and cultural sustainability. By identifying the organization’s assumptions, norms, systems and practices and establishing quantitative measures for diversity and cultural sustainability, it becomes possible to set goals, apply management strategies, and measure your progress and support for reaching your workplace diversity goals. Our workplace diversity assessment module allows you to manage, assess, benchmark, monitor, measure and report diversity and cultural sustainability practices in real-time. With completed diversity and cultural practices assessments, you can identify current issues and secure management and employee “buy in” for overall changes needed and the respective resources required. Involving all managers and employees in the assessment increases their level of commitment to working toward your diversity goals and vision. You’ll create a workplace environment that allows all employees to do their best work, be more productive and achieve their potential. In a supportive work environment, differences become assets, opportunities for innovation and competitive advantage.

Diversity and Cultural Practices Sustainability Assessment Module

SCORING: 1000 Possible Points
MEASUREMENT: 5 Core Processes (200 points for each section)
CONTENT: 42 Questions: Diversity and Cultural
PARTICIPANTS: HR Leader,SteeringTeam Members, and all employees
TIME: 15 Minutes to Complete
DISTRIBUTION: Via Web Link and Online Data Entry
REPORTING: Real-time Reporting of Results