Sustainable Business Practice Measurement & Transparent Reporting Solutions

Our online assessment demo aims to illustrate data collection and online reporting as a dynamic service – almost effortless.   Of course, more complexity occurs when collecting quantitative metrics, however the mechanism for collection is the same – database driven, collaborative reporting.  Ultimately then, sustainability measurement and real-time transparent reporting solutions reduce resources required to analyze the data – thus helping you to better assess, benchmark, and manage your triple bottom line environmental, social, and economic sustainable business practices, including action plan recommendations to guide your continuous improvement initiatives.

Transparent Triple Bottom Line (TBL) Dashboard

Integrate clean navigation, real-time, single point of control, to manage all features of your Sustainable Business Practice initiative. Measurement of your practices (internal and supply chain) can be done by deploying assessment campaigns, all performance results (below) can be monitored on-demand, real-time results can be viewed and exported, meaningful metrics and/or assessments can be selected from the growing library of tools to accelerate triple bottom line performance, and training or consulting services can be requested.

Sustainable Practices Summary Report

Confidential summary reports are prepared in real-time for each completed assessment. A detailed breakdown of assessment results is accessed through the summary report matrix. Scores are provides by total, core process section and each question to enable ease of selection for ongoing process improvements. Summary Reports can be viewed and exported in real-time through the Transparent TBL Dashboard.

Sustainable Practices Action Plan

Action Plans with customized ‘first-step’ recommendations for process improvements are generated in real-time following the completion of each Sustainable Business Practice assessment. You can view and export Action Plans in real-time through the Transparent TBL Dashboard to effectively communicate targeted process improvements and align your valuable resources to maximize results.

Benchmark Report

Benchmark Reports are made available* for organization with multiple reporting locations (regions, operations, facilities, as well as suppliers and subcontractors). The Benchmark Reports provide real-time access to multi-level ‘best practice’ comparisons within and between locations. Benchmarking can be used for multi-site corporations, industry trade associations, and business communities.

Performance Certificate and/or Custom Designed Achievement Downloads

Certificates of Performance are provided for each of the assessments in the Sustainable Business Practice Assessment Series. Certificates can be viewed and exported in real-time through the Transparent TBL Dashboard. Performance Certificates are presented when the following total point levels for each are achieved as compared to the 1,000-point scale:

  • Status

    • Gold: 751 – 1,000 points
    • Silver: 501 – 750 points
    • Bronze: 251 – 500 points
    • Emerging: 0 – 250 points

Sustainability Key Performance Indicator (KPI) Report

The KPI report* provides an aggregate summary of Sustainable Business Performance results in real-time. The standard KPI report has five designated sections that posts performance results from real-time assessment and selected campaigns as well as from online templates accessed through the Transparent TBL Dashboard. Performance trends and targets are shown in an easy to follow, single page summary that can be viewed or exported on-demand.*Requires PerformancePlus license

Branding and Customization

The web-platform, assessment series, and all reports can be branded and customized to meet any organizations needs. Two levels of licenses are provided to match need: Enterprise and OPENEnterprise.