SBP360 Overview

by SBP360 on February 18, 2013

Many leading edge companies and non-profits have set out to prove that it is, in fact, possible to develop and pursue strategies that balance financial returns with the creation of positive social and environmental value (Triple Bottom Line).  SBP360 works to assist these organizations in the collection and reporting of essential and meaningful information.

What SBP360 does…

  • —Collects sustainability data for CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) (eg.
  • —Reduces operational challenges associated with CSR and TBL reporting – especially supply-chain and multi-location operations
  • —Unifies many disparate data sources onto a common reporting platform
  • Real-time and consistent change management for formulations and requirement updates (cloud advantages)
  • —Converts data (in cloud) from international locations to standardized units of measure
  • —Drastically lowers the cost and inefficiency of implementing and running a CSR program
  • —Publishes data updates in real-time using cloud-based Software as a Service (SaaS)
  • Allows for an embedded API – copy of a simple line of code into other applications and presentations
  • Provides results-driven toolsets that allow for Summary Reports, Action Plans, Benchmarking and additional requirements

What problems are we trying to solve…

  • In 2013, most sustainability managers still rely on offline MS Excel spreadsheets, email, fax and homegrown solutions that often fail to integrate
  • Current solutions lack sustainability metrics and communication between internal teams and external supply chains
  • High costs of manual data processing, sorting, converting, and merging limit ability to expand programs as broadly as desired
  • Change management is difficult when using multiple platforms and relying upon staff to make global changes to formulations and new requirements

The staff hours needed to collect, analyze and report are significant to your operations.  SBP360 gives you the tools to solve these challenges and help achieve your sustainability/TBL goals.

SBP360: Enabling Enterprise Sustainability

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