Validate Results: How We Help Supply and Member Chains Reach Sustainability Goals

Today, in 2013, it is not enough to drive sustainability through your supply or member chain by simply capturing data inputs.  OEMs and leading organizations are driving change through action plans and on-site audits.  SBP360 manages the immense data collection to report culture shifts and then publishes recommendations through OEM regulation resources or through continuous improvement programs, online forms, social media, help forums, et al.

  • Identify opportunities to improve bottom line growth through triple bottom line sustainable business practices.
  • Have real-time performance measurement, monitoring, and benchmarking information to make informed decisions regarding environmental, social, workplace diversity, and economic sustainability to keep you on the path of continuous improvement.
  • Have the reporting intelligence you need to respond to business trends and changing market conditions.
  • Generate reports aligned with global reporting standards validating performance results.
  • Compare Self Assessments to on-site scoring and recommendations.
  • Upload documents on-site including images of the location site .
  • Report real-time action plans or recommendations entered by the on-site auditor.
  • Reports float up to the OEM in real-time.
  • On-site deliverable or custom report directing next steps and continuous improvement strategies.
  • Meet shareholder and stakeholder accountability expectations with transparent reporting.
  • Ensure sustainable business practices compliance enterprise-wide including your global supply chain.
  • Highly cost-efficient alternative to traditional consulting solutions you can implement right now.

To learn more about our Sustainability Management, Benchmarking and Transparent Reporting Software, visit the Performance Tools page on our website, then try a Demo and see how easy it is to use this Software-as-a-Service technology.